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Well Written Words Make the Difference

Actation Now! is dedicated to creating books and web text that reach readers.

Hello!  I'm Zara Altair and I help people turn an idea into a book.


You are the architect; I hammer the nails. If you have a book idea and want to turn that dream into a reality, ghostwriting makes it happen. From concept and research to first chapter we work together to set a foundation to complete your book.

Semantic Writing

Make your first impression a lasting impression.The people who see your business listing, your web page, your videos, your images need to know what you do, where you are, and what you offer.

How you talk to them may be even more important than SEO (Search Engine Optimization).*

When you combine engagement with your web visitors and the power of rich content, your business is poised for growth. Jason Darrell

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Semantic writing is a comprehensive answer to increasing your web visibility and getting visitors to stay on your page longer.  Significant added value increases customer response.

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At Actation Now! we make it our business to know current SEO changes. Through the use of current technologies, backed by responsible authorship for your business, semantic writing replaces old content creation and significantly increases relationships with your website visitors.

I write for business and help writers whose English is their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th language achieve maximum readability.

Inform, Delight, and Motivate Your Readers

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Your website content is the place to differentiate your business from your competitors. It is the core of your online marketing. The right message to your audience can establish you as an authority and generate new contacts and sales of your product or service.

It’s time to put aside your concerns about ranking and cultivate the customers and clients that want what your business offers.

A fully optimized, well-written website, targeted to your clients will boost your business.

  • Attract organic traffic from the major search engines saving you advertising dollars
  • Improve search results by attracting inbound links from other sites and social media.
  • Pre-sell your products or services
  • Convert site visitors into customers
  • Engage your visitors so they'll keep coming back because of your sound quality information

Actation Now! writes web content that is laser-focused to customer needs and is effective in holding site visitor attention. I write text that answers client needs and optimizes your page for search engines in the new context of semantic search on the web.

The Web Presence Package includes up to 10 pages including Homepage, About Us, Contact, and Services/Product pages: $1,500-$2,500. Clear copy speaks to your buyers and to search engines. Writing for results is based on four anchors to semantically optimize your presence.


Actation Now! is here to educate your business on best practices.

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Semantic Writing from Actation Now!

Get in touch  to ask questions or schedule a chat. Connecting is the first step to optimizing your content.

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*Rand Fishkin the Wizard of Moz. 17 April 2015


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