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Whether you are ready to write a book or develop your online content, ghostwriting gives you the solution to putting your voice into words.

When you run a business writing seems like the straw that broke the camel's back.  When do you find time? Your web page languishes. You post sporadically on social media. That book languishes in notes and unfinished chapters.

Or maybe you tried an inexpensive content service and you got content, but no results.

Your competitors seem to hit the nail on the head, and you just aren't getting responses.

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A semantically optimized writing service dedicated to your business brings you attention on the web by adding the hidden value of new technologies backed by solid writing. Your posts get read. Posts that readers share bring you to the attention of their circles. Your web presence expands.

[ctt title=”Text optimized for search recognition helps search engines bring you to the front when visitors search for your products and services.” tweet=”Text optimized for search recognition helps search engines bring you to the front when visitors search for your products and services.” coverup=”FrvfJ”]

Relevance before Ranking

Search engines now look for relevance within the context of your web copy. Semantic writing is aimed to reach your customers and potential customers addressing their unique needs. Relevance isy reach what brings the customers you want to your page. Rather than aiming for ranking, you aim to directly bring people who have an interest in your business to your page.

Semantic copywriting involves three unique skills: 

  • writing in the voice of the business
  • writing in the language your customer understands
  • using vocabulary that search understands is a related key concept to help search engines understand the context

No newbie to writing for business, our service will take the burden of writing away so you can focus on your business. We write to a market specific audience. 

No one knows your business the way you do. That is why we gather as much information as possible before we write a word. We listen to where you are now. We want to know your concerns so we semantic writing, Oleg Moskalenskycan address them in the content we create for your business.

The best way to learn more about how Writing for Results can bring you targeted customers is to get in touch with Zara Altair

Phone: 503 468 7008

100 SW 195th Ave., Beaverton, OR 97006


Schedule a face to face chat on Google Hangouts.

With over 20 years of experience, we will guide you to the program that fits your needs and your budget.

Semantic writing helps your business deliver.

How It Works

First I learn as much as possible about your business and your target market. Use the Semantic Writing Proposal to provide that information.

Next you tell me what type of writing you need. List your request(s) in the Proposal as well. Once we clarify your needs I write a first draft.  I make any additional changes and submit the semantic writing piece to you. From that point forward the piece is yours.

Included with your work.

  1. Final proofread – before you hit that publish button, I’ll proofread for grammar, spelling, and logic.
  2. Meta descriptions, on-page SEO, formatting (headings, bold text etc), images, internal linking, outbound links
  3. Optimize Call To Action – Review and suggest tweaks for CTA optimization.
  4. Quick website review – Scan for basic optimization and report any needed fixes.

If you want to write your own content and just need guidance before publication tell me you want Semantic Writing Mentoring. All fees for work you do that receive editorial changes from me are charged at 50% of the listed price. I believe the strongest, most targeted writing comes from the business owner. Who knows your business better than you? Everything else is included, the main difference is that you write the content.

Get Started with Optimized Writing

Fill out our Semantic Writing Proposal  to tell us about your semantic copywriting needs. Click here.

Wanting it tomorrow may not be the best long-run business decision. If you find your business needs it fast there is a 20 percent rush fee if you want writing done outside the stated turnaround time.

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