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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about getting your content recognized by search engines. Everything that you do online is seen by search engines as representing you. Your presence, what you say, how you say it, and how and where you deliver are all connected pieces of your online presence.

The more you align your every place–your website, social media, Google+, videos–the clearer the picture you present to search engines.

David Amerland explains in easy to understand language how you can go about refining what you do to have better recognition.

A series of excerpts from David Amerland's,
 SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps that Will Help Your Business Grow


Tool to Complete the Action Steps:

From your profile Go To Google Drive
From Google Drive – Go to

At the top Search Templates blank fill in : SEO Help book

Two choices:
Top is multiple – Choose for multiple business or to keep files if doing this for other businesses
Bottom is single – Choose for your business

Click Use Template

Wait for template to load

Rename document/form at top left.
Click to rename  *Copy of*  title at top left to rename for your business

Edit Top Heading in Form Title  to rename for your business

Choose _View live form_ to start using the tool.

First page is intro and video with +David Amerland

At bottom of page click *Continue*

Begin filling out responses by working through Action Steps.

At bottom choice: Continue to next pate or Back to prior page.

When finished with section. Click Exit at bottom of page.

Click on the edit link and THEN bookmark what comes up next.

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