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Zara Altair, Semantic Copywriting, Actation NowSemantic Copywriter

I love writing and I like people.

Actation Now! consults on writing.

As a ghostwriter, I make the goal of a book a reality for people who don't want to write or don't have time.

Semantic writing creates website content by including the most up-to-date semantic search elements into content. This includes knowing your target market and writing in their language.
To start we have a no-cost 30-minute consultation. Get in touch to schedule your conversation.

Then we take action!

I live just outside of Portland, Oregon, with a creek in the back and tall trees all around. Two Maine Coon cats share the space. When I'm not writing, I love to walk in the woods, cook, read, and listen to music.  If you like history and mystery you may enjoy my fiction series the Argolicus Mysteries set in 6th Century Italy.


Here's to your success!

Zara Altair

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