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How much of my own time will it involve?

Each chapter requires about four hours of the client's time. Add to this roughly eight hours of planning meetings before we start to write, and a long revision session after the first draft is completed. All told, figure on spending an average of two hours per week.

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How does the collaborative ghostwriting process work?

Ghostwriting. It is a process. Clients love my process because it's simple, efficient, and even kind of fun. It also leads to great results. After developing an overall plan for the book, I provide you with a worksheet for each chapter. You write brief answers (a sentence or two) to a series of questions that help you define what you want to say. During a live conference either online or by telephone, you elaborate on these points and I ask follow-up questions to draw you out further. Then I write the chapter and send it to you for review. After we've completed the first draft of the entire book, you will have several weeks to scrutinize it and list the changes you'd like me to make. I incorporate your revisions into a final draft.

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