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CISE provides an intrinsically layered, mind map synopsis of your landing pages, posts, websites, books and big data

The analysis side of the picture is particularly valuable in isolating whether your entity matching is as good as your competitors

It also indicated the sentient reaction to posts along with the subconscious messages that are embedded in your writing.

If you really want to get serious you can use our Wordbank sets to create new entities and widely matched material for you authoring needs.


Experimentation is the seed of genius and this is especially true of writing. Imagination is the seed of new metaphors and visions.
CISE was created to spark creativity through the use of idiomatic wordplay (much like a comedian does).

Our premium Wordbank apps provide radical new connections and ideas through our highly targetted algorithms. And the results are evolving on a daily basis. If you’re wanting a more conceptually based set be sure to ask.

 CISE, semantic optimization


Semantic keywords infuse life into dry old copy.

They dress your entities up to the nines for both your customers and for Google and they spark new life into previously keyword stuffed copy.

This in-page infusion creates triples and tuples of all shapes and sizes that get picked up by Google and others as rich snippets.

Get in touch to incorporate CISE into your semantic writing strategy.  Phone 503 468 7008 or Email

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