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Outrank Competitors with SERPstat

Outrank Competitors with SERPstat Product Description  SERPstat is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that correlates keywords among websites to provide powerful results to monitor web page performance. Pricing Four tiers from free to professional with discounts for 3-year purchase. Deployment Cloud, Mobile Platforms cloud-based access for any device Organization Types Freelancer/Solo Operation, Large Enterprise, [...]

How To CISE Up Your Writing

CISE Up Your Content If you write for the web, you can improve the long-term search engine results of your copy by using Conceptual Intelligence Search Engine (CISE) to develop a Wordbank to incorporate select words into text. CISE is a technically sophisticated algorithm developed by Peter Hatherley,  in New Zealand. Writers are familiar with [...]

Invisible Power of SEO

As a business your set up your website to educate your customers and future customers about what you do. Your Customers Know Who You Are You post your business name, your telephone, your address and your email address so it’s easy for people to get in touch with you. You may create a monthly newsletter [...]

First Step to Optimize Your Website

Pretty Is Not Enough However you and your designer create a beautiful website for your business, if nobody visits, you business looses potential customers. When your site visitors are able to communicate with you directly from the page they can quickly engage by commenting and asking questions. However much you optimise for search engines, optimizing [...]

Go Local! Get Your Business Found

Your Listing Brings Customers When your business has a complete listing—accurate and verified Google My Business listing—customers can find you easily, your listing engages interest, verification establishes trust. All of these factors combine to create positive brand equity and motivate action. . WHAT DOES GO LOCAL ONLINE MEAN? Going local online with your verified business page [...]

Semantic Relevance & Post Etiquette for Engagement

   How Semantic Relevance Adds to Your Business Presence Semantic relevance comprises your entire presence on the web. Your Google+ page, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest boards, etc. and all the people who engage with you make up your relevance on the web. Content, media, marketing, engagement are all part of your semantic (what the search [...]

Communicate! Framing Authority and Trust

Watch the Midweek Zap here: +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales communication authority talks about the how, why, and what of communication. What is important about your message? Does how you say it make a difference? Who are you talking to?  What is framing? Be yourself even in your business.   0:20 Introduction 1:13 Framing - what it means and [...]

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