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Target Customer Segments With Tailored Web Content

Writing for Specific Customers When a business has customers that come from several target markets, content directed toward each market segment helps site visitors find the place that suits their specific needs. When you work with the web designer to guide them through their concerns to get the answers they need, customers know you understand [...]

Web writing: plan and organize with verve

Three Steps: Plan Organize Words Teodora Petkova walks through the three steps of creating text (writing) with verve. Verve is the key ingredient to communicate and co-collaborate with your future customers by initiating a dialog (conversation). WebPromo.Expert webinar in a series for all things being on the web. The panel discussion after Teodora's presentation dives [...]

The Copywriter’s Helen Mirren Factor

Actors Prepare For A Role Cloistered in a room surrounded by books and papers and books, Helen Mirren spent months studying for her role as a retired Israeli Mossad agent in the film The Debt she immersed herself in studying the Hebrew language, Jewish history, and Holocaust writing, including the life of Simon Wiesenthal. Viggo [...]

How To CISE Up Your Writing

CISE Up Your Content If you write for the web, you can improve the long-term search engine results of your copy by using Conceptual Intelligence Search Engine (CISE) to develop a Wordbank to incorporate select words into text. CISE is a technically sophisticated algorithm developed by Peter Hatherley,  in New Zealand. Writers are familiar with [...]

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