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B2B Talk to Me

Tell Me About Your Service You want my business to sign up for your fabulous service. You have a link, but Oops! You forgot to tell me what you do and how it works. I’ve been looking at a number of Software as a Service (SaaS) sites in the past few weeks. I’m just astonished [...]

The Future Now – Eric Enge

The Future Now with Eric Enge Eric Enge, of  Stone Temple Consulting, is respected in digital marketing for his intensive research and the conclusions he draws and recommendations he makes from the research. What can you do to bring your marketing current and what can you do now to prepare for the ongoing changes in [...]

Google+ Conversation Value

 Conversation on the new Google+ +David Amerland +Teodora Petkova +martin shervington +Zara Altair A conversation about conversation on the new Google+ Google+ has shifted focus to Collections and Communities. How do we go about continuing and building our conversations in the new environment? Does engagement still matter? Which dots are connecting? Join the conversation.   Many suggestions in [...]

How Clear Is Your Message?

Relational Search Enhancement Talk Answers Key concepts are the new keywords when constructing your online content. In some ways they are easier to use because the key concepts are presented in natural language. Help your site visitors and search by structuring your content to provide a better user experience.The more organized your content the better [...]

Midweek Zap – Word App

 CISE is Now An App Words for semantic search and much more.+Peter Hatherley  announces the new CISE apps tailored for your content needs. From a basic word bank, to one focused fro SEO, to expansive word clusters for wordplay and creativity stimulus. Whether you’re writing a simple Google+ post or an extensive white paper, CISE [...]

SEO for a New Website

What a New Business Needs to Know about SEO When a new business owner decides to set up a website he may look for pertinent websites similar to his, read a little about SEO, and concentrate on finding a web designer. When it comes to content he may take the opportunity to "borrow" content from [...]

The Copywriter’s Helen Mirren Factor

Actors Prepare For A Role Cloistered in a room surrounded by books and papers and books, Helen Mirren spent months studying for her role as a retired Israeli Mossad agent in the film The Debt she immersed herself in studying the Hebrew language, Jewish history, and Holocaust writing, including the life of Simon Wiesenthal. Viggo [...]

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